Phillip McCrum

Boy's Club

Macinah coats attached to wall — 2001 to 2011

Boy’s club is an ongoing installation. It works as a flexible art work that can incorporate and reduce elements based on the space and theme of the exhibition. It is a simple design made up off a collection of ‘mac’ jackets. Usually hung simply on nails the jackets have also been strung together and bolstered with different vernacular objects. The jackets begin as a quotidian symbol of maleness. The working man, the lumber jack, the working class It unravels as a sign of teenage hold and even retro coolness and po – mo irony. The work examines overlapping system that seem to contradict and take the secret meanings of alternative and underground groups. Ubiquitous phase to describe a patriarchal and closed group who hold sway and power. Also an alienated group Alternative group with meaning based on codes within the system – the types who make up the group, and then the subtextual codes even further from the power system as outsides camouflaged to protect themselves and the group they represent and to identify the group they represent. Colour codes – work conceived in Ireland where the coding is understood but taboo.

Six Artists, Two Cities, Havana, Cuba - 2010